Very occasionally, (severe weather or public emergency) it may be necessary for school to close. Decisions too close are not take lightly and all attempts are made to keep the school open.

A number of factors have to be taken into consideration to ensure that the school community is safe. For example:

  • Are there enough staff in school to adequately supervise the children?
  • Is the school warm enough, will it remain so and is it safe for the children and staff to be here?

We liaise with Hurst Drive Primary School so that we are trying to do the same, but this does depend on individual school needs.

We use the following methods to advise families of closure:

  • As soon as a decision is made a message will be placed on the website and our Facebook page. Please like our page to keep informed.
  • Families will receive an email and text message

Where possible the following will also be implemented:

  • Three counties radio (90.4FM/103.8FM), Heart 101.7 and Bob FM 106.7 to 106.9 have updates of school closures.
  • A notice will be put up on the school gate and a message on the school answerphone.

We will make every attempt to make a decision and notify you the night before a closure. Otherwise, we will notify parents as soon as reasonably possible.

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