The SEND Provision map sets our what support Greenfield Nursery School offer to children in order to support their educational progress. The SEND provision map is unique to our school. You can read the full document here: SEND Provision Map

We have three levels of support (Waves):

Wave 1 (Universal): This is the support that are offered within the provision. Here we may adapt the way we teach to fit individual children. The child will at this stage have a ‘Learning Plan’ which sets targets that all staff work to in order to support their learning. 

Wave 2 (Targeted): Here we may make adaptions to the nursery by introducing additional resources, additional staff input or additional small group booster work. Your child’s key worker with liaise with the Special Educational Needs & Disability Co-ordinator (SENDCo) to set specific learning goals that ensures that your child is getting additional support. At this stage we will also refer to a specialist for further advice (Speech & Language therapist, Health Visitor, Family Centre or similar). 

Wave 3 (Speicalist): This is our highest level of support. Only a very small proportion of the children going to Greenfield will be supported within this wave. Here the SENDCo will apply for additional high needs funding or start the process of applying of an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP). It is likely that a child has a clinical diagnosis that requires ongoing support and therefore additional financial resources to support their learning.