First half term

Wow we have made it through the first half of the half term! All children are settled and becoming familiar with Nursery routines.
Here are some photos of some learning that has taken place this week!

Week commencing 19th October

This week the children have still been learning how to access the continuous provision and make choices. We are continuing to promote independence and encourage children to put on their own coats and shoes. For some children, this is the first time they have had to share and take turns. Therefore, we have been supporting the children to wait and find other things to play. 
We have also started the children's Focus weeks. This means that we choose 10% of the nursery class to focus on each week and then we discuss the children's learning with you. Each child will be a focus child once a term and this will replace parent meetings.
Here are some pictures of our learning this week 


  1. Learning to take turns with the timers (PSED)
  2. Children were pretending to be PJ Masks so we set up climbing equipment for the children to practise their superhero physical skills (PD)
  3. We made ramps for our bikes (PD, UMM)
  4. Children were pretending to be stuck on the climber. Teacher modelled making steps to help a child down and then the other children began to make their own structures to help their friends. (PD, CLL, PSED) 
  5. We had the wagons and tandem bikes out and the children to help the children share enjoyment together (PSED)

week commencing 5th October

  1. This week in Nursery we have been learning how to make paint. 
  2. One of our children was pretending to be an ice cream seller so we made some pretend ice cream cones for him to sell
  3. We have been exploring size, number, and shape and fine motor skills with conkers. 
  4. Children in the afternoon are developing their early reading skills and independence by self-registering them.