1st and 2nd weeks in Nursery

Well done to all our children who started last week. Many children have settled quickly and are busy playing in our Nursery. We are helping your children to get used to boundaries and routines and showing them how to play with the toys.  
Our rules are
1: We will walk and use quiet voices inside the classroom
2: We will not hurt each other
3: We will tidy away resources when we have finished using them.
Here are some photos of our first week 
  1. At snack time children are encouraged to make choices and pour their own drinks.
  2. Children are encouraged to follow their own interests. They have opportunities to play with adults and play alone or with their friends. 
  3. Adults will join in children's play and we help them to learn by modelling; encouraging; observing; praising; providing and questioning. 
  4. & 5. Children are encouraged to help look after the Nursery and its pets
Some children have now completed their second week at Nursery and others have just finished their first! The children are settling well and we have plans in place for children who require some extra attention as they get used to coming to Nursery. 
We still continue to support children with routines, boundaries and accessing the continuous provision. This means that we do not put activities on the table but support children to choose from the shelves and boxes.  Here are some pictures of what the children have been playing this week
  1. exploring vehicles, marks and texture in the mud
  2. exploring shape and space with large bricks
  3. sharing stories
  4. mark making outside
We are using the motto 'Choose it. Use it. Put it away' to help the children to tidy up before they move onto something else. Maybe you could try this at home too.
We have been doing the action rhyme 'Sleeping bunnies. Here is the video link so your child can have a go at home too.
Settling in records and next steps will be shared with Carer's via email or telephone. So please check for messages. 
We will also be sending out a questionnaire via email about our transition process. Please respond as we value your thoughts and opinions.