Consultation on a new federation between Greenfield Nursery School and Hurst Drive Primary School.

Outcome of consultation 

As you may know, the staff at Greenfield Nursery School and Hurst Drive Primary School have worked together for many years to make sure that the children move easily and happily from the nursery into the primary school.

The governing boards at each school had a consultation with parents, staff and other stakeholders (such as Hertfordshire County Council) on the formation of a federation between the schools – a federation that would be led by a single governing board.

The consultation process began on 9th September 2022 and closed on 23rd October 2022 at midnight.

The governing boards are delighted to inform you that there was no significant dissent or legal challenge from the consultation and therefore the two schools will federate on the 1st April 2023 and from this date there will be one responsible body who will govern both schools within the Federation.

If you have difficulty with the language in this consultation letter, please let us know and we will provide additional help.

Diane Croston                                                     Emma Kight

Chair of Governors Greenfield Nursery           Chair of Governors Hurst Drive Primary

Following the decision to federate with Greenfield Nursery School, the Chair of Governors will  be available on Tuesday 8th November at 3.15 pm for any parents wishing to ask questions, support the school in this and to find out more about the process of federation. Please do come along. 

Meeting for staff will take place on Tuesday 8th of November 2022 at 3.45pm. 

Consultation presentation:

You can see the presentation from that staff/parent meeting here: Federations presentation.pptx

Questions and Answers:

We have compiled a list of questions and answers. Click to access the Q&As

Consultation documents: 

Letter and consultation process (English)

Consultation Response Form (English)

Danışma belgesi (Türkçe)

Cevap formu (Türkçe)

Dokument konsultacyjny (polski)

Formularz odpowiedzi (polski)





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