Spring 2019 e-safety Newsletter for parents & carers


Digiduck’s big decision

An eSafety resource for young children

Help arrives just in time for Digiduck when faced with a difficult decision!

Follow Digiduck and his friends in this story of friendship and responsibility online.

The Digiduck collection has been

created to help parents and teachers educate children aged 3-7 about how to be a good friend online.

The collection now includes a book, PDF http://bit.ly/eSafetyDigiduck and interactive app.


The story of Smartie the penguin helps you and your child use the internet safely.


At Nursery the children have been reading the story of Chicken Clicking which helps them to stay safe on line. Here is a lovely song for you to sing with your child Chicken Clicking


A Comprehensive Cyberbullying Guide for Parents   



Please remember to tell your child that if they tell you about getting into trouble online, you will be very proud of them - and that you won't take their device off them. This will ensure that they come back to tell you  if they are ever in trouble.

E-safety advice for parents - this gives useful information and websites to keep your child safe on-line


Parent Zone and CEOP information.