All children that attend our setting will have an online learning journal. This is where we update you on your children’s progress at Nursery via a Spotlight and Observations.

Parent Access

All parents will be invited to access their child’s online learning journal within one month of their child’s start date. The invite will contain instructions on how to set up an parent account.  You are then able to download the App for easy access on your phone or tablet

Parent Guide

Parent Contributions

Learning happens all the time not just in school. Learning Journals enables parents to share learning from home by uploading pictures/images to keep us up to date with your child’s development and skills. Examples of things you may share are:

  1. A photo of a visit (e.g. to the zoo, park)
  2. A photo of a drawing/painting they have done at home
  3. A  comment about a new milestone (e.g. a new word they have used)
  4. A  video of them retelling their favourite book or rhyme  
  5. Family photos of special occasions (e.g. birthday, festivals, celebrations) 


Need some help to use the App? Claire has made a handy video

If you do not have access to the internet please ensure that you tell your child’s Key Person and we can arrange an alternative way to share your child’s learning journal entries with you