At Greenfield Nursery School we are committed to ensuring that our children become confident and capable readers. We have a wide variety of books available (including dual language books) to help children develop their language and imaginative skills, develop a love of books and use books purposefully. 

Homemade books

All children when they start have the opportunity to create their own book about themselves ‘All about me’ made alongside their caregivers and kept in the classrooms. 

Class books in the Explorers and Investigators class allow children to look through pictures and talk about their learning with their friends and adults in the setting. 

Children in Pioneer’s have their own Special books with their drawings and photos of events from the classroom. 

Supporting home reading 

 All children are invited to take a book home. Book bags are available to purchase or a plastic wallet will be provided. Reading records allow for parents to comment on what their child thought about the book. Book changing is currently delivered by staff but we are exploring ways to engage parents in this process. 

Please explore our rhymes and stories page to hear our staff retell their favourite stories and rhymes. 

Core Books and Rhymes

We have worked hard to develop a core book and rhyme system to support reading and language development across the school.  We choose stories that will interest children, often having simple and repetitive text so children can join in and interact with the story. We will often help them to experience these stories in different formats e.g. using props and animated on the Interactive Whiteboard.  

Books in the environment 

All rooms have a book area/story corner where children can access a variety of stories that they can look at independently and share with their friends and adults. Children are able to look at favourite stories over and over, developing story language and retelling stories in their own voice.    We also have books in different areas of the learning environment such as the home corner so they can have access to non fiction books and books with a purpose (e.g. cook book).



The DfE Letters and Sounds underpins our Phonics curriculum.

Phase One is our main area of focus as this underpins future success with reading and writing. Phase One supports the development of children’s speaking and listening skills, attuning to sounds around them,  listening and attention skills. Children explore rhyme and rhythmic activity through songs and stories. These activities happen during planned sessions as well as incidentally during child initiated learning. Focusing on these activities lays the foundations for the phonic work which starts in Phase Two.

Please follow this link for our Phonics overview 

See below for activities to try at home to support the development of Phase One Phonics