Look how busy some of the staff have been during the lockdown

“We have some very talented staff, they have put their skills to good use while classrooms have been shut, they have been busy decorating  as well as talented gardeners who have made the front look fantastic!”


Have a look at the Staff Stories and Rhymes page

During the COVID-19 pandemic and school closure we will try to include ideas for families to use with their children – please remember that these are just ideas and may not be appropriate for all children, they are also not necessarily age appropriate for nursery children so please don’t worry if your little one cannot cope with any of the ideas. 
Have fun spending time with your children, enjoy time playing together.


Fun games and super stories for young children

As many early years providers and schools are currently closed, Hertfordshire Libraries have shared some great websites which contain lots of fun ideas of games for you to play with your child.

Small Talk 

Hungry Little Minds

BBC Tiny Happy People

Hertfordshire Library Service


1. Sing along to phonics songs

2. Print and display phonics posters

3. Use flashcards

4. Play tabletop phonics games

5. Get active with physical phonics

6. Play Teach Your Monster to Read on app or web:
Apple: apple.co/2V92VL5
Amazon UK: amzn.to/2PjLBiJ
Amazon US: amzn.to/2VgOwfR
Google: bit.ly/2cohkeR
PC & laptop: teachyourmonstertoread.com

App is free until Monday 23rd March on Apple and Amazon and 0.99 on Google.


This is more for older children than Nursery age but there is no reason they cannot join in with their brothers and sisters

If times get tough and you don’t want your children to be using the computer to play games all day,  or watching television, instead of being frustrated, recognise the opportunity to spend quality time with them,  teaching them life skills ….such as getting the children to:

Email relatives (Language skills)

Put some tins out on the windowsill and some pennies in their hand. Let one be the shopkeeper and the others customers (maths and manners)

Show them how to make a bed properly
Have a family housework day when all of you clean together (life skills)

Sit round the kitchen table and find a YouTube french, Spanish etc… language lesson that you can all say out loud together (Languages)

All prepare and cook a dinner together with everyone having their own task, or bake and decorate cup cakes (Home economics)

Download a Horrible History box set and watch it together (History)

Show them a world map and ask them to take turns on the computer to research the country they like the sound of the most (Geography)

Get some paper and colouring pencils and have a competition for who can draw and colour the best monster (Art)

Remind them of your favourite fairytale (example 3 little pigs) then ask them to recreate it in a little play or ask them all to practice in private a song or dance and perform it in a show with you as the MC and everybody must clap and cheer (Drama, support and kindness)

Everyone gets to choose their favourite book and together all take turns to read a paragraph, everyone has to do the character’s voice (building confidence)

On a sunny day all go in the garden and give everyone a job to clear and tidy it ready for summer (gardening)

It doesn’t cost anything really except your time. The richness of these memories at the end of the isolated time together will be priceless…


A wide variety of workshops are available, if you can’t find what you’re looking for don’t forget we offer a tailor made service to ensure we meet the needs of your families. A selection of what is available can be found below:

(See the workshop page for more details

  • Early Maths & Number
  • Early Reading
  • Early Writing
  • Phonics
  • e-Safety & Technology
  • Boys Development
  • Girls Development
  • Communication & Language
  • Transition & school readiness
    … and many more