Why did you decide to become a governor at Greenfield?

Hertfordshire’s Governance Service asked me to support the school for two terms. It was clear to me that whilst it was good to get advice from others the school really needed people in their team who would commit for the longer team. I suggested that it would make more sense if I became a governor and agreed to be vice chair.

I joined all the staff at the annual conference for Hertfordshire’s 14 nursery schools and from that moment I was convinced about the important role of the nursery school and felt that I could use my experience and skills in this context.

What skills, experiences knowledge do you bring to the governing body?

I was a Local Authority Adviser and led the Assessment Team (part of Herts for Learning). I trained teachers on teaching and learning. I have worked with teachers in nursery, primary and secondary schools and have a good knowledge of teaching and learning and data analysis. I have previously been a chair of governors.

What was the most important thing you took from our vision conference September?

An activity we did in the afternoon was to choose something that represented how we felt about Greenfield. One of the younger members of staff in my group chose ‘slippers’. We were a bit surprised by this until she explained that she felt that Greenfield was like home. Our vision needs to be based on people feeling safe and secure .Then who can say where we may go and what may be achieved?