In 2021 the Department for Education published a new Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework. This framework states the government’s expectation for teaching and learning, and sets out what they expect children to be able to achieve by the end of Reception. It covers the age ranges from 0-5 years of age. As a nursery school we work to this framework, and have set out curriculum goals for the children at Greenfield Nursery School.

Our curriculum goals are holistic and cover multiple areas of learning including as well as teaching and learning based on children’s interests, a range of core experience and trips. We have 7 key goals that we aim for children to achieve independtly by the time they leave us to start Reception. They are:

  1. I can write for a purpose and write my name
  2. I can tell a story
  3. I can ride a bike
  4. I can plan and make a model
  5. I can follow a recipe to make a bread roll
  6. I can dress myself independently
  7. I can talk about my day in a small group

Most of the curriculum planning will take place from child led learning and building on children’s strengths; interests and learning needs. Our curriculum has to be flexible to meet the needs and fascinations of our children as children learn a huge amount through the play they choose. This play and learning written on weekly on planning sheets that record children’s spontaneous play and teacher scaffolding.

However, we also believe that children benefit from developmentally appropriate adult guided learning. This is where our curriculum goals for our children fit in. Class teachers will plan for learning opportunities to support the development of our curricular goals. We will also provide adult guided group sessions that are developmentally appropriate. These will be planned and focused on:

  1. Phonics Phase 1
  2. Core books
  3. Singing and rhymes
  4. Opportunities to listen, talk and take turns and talk about their day
  5. Learn new and revisit mathematical concepts

Our curricular goals are adaptable to the children on roll. We are aware that all children will have different starting points and will work though our curriculum at different pace. Some children my skip some parts of the curriculum altogether (e.g go straight to a balance bike and not ride a trike). Scaffolding allows for us to support children from their starting point to make progress towards our curriculum goals. Where children move on quickly, we focus on deepening understanding rather than introducing new skills or concepts

Some children may be identified as needing a small amount of additional support in developing skills and accessing the curriculum (e.g Listening and attention, speaking). Adaptations may be made. For example, Pre teaching of core books may take place during the session, 1:1, additional group teaching. This is quality first teaching. Children’s progress towards curriculum goals will be discussed at weekly children’s meetings and shared with parents during their Spotlight month. Where children are making little or no progress, the SENCo/ SLT will be informed and additional support made available as set out in our SEND Policy.

Supporting and developing high levels of Wellbeing and Involvement is pivotal to our curriculum as this encourages ‘deep level learning’ (Laevers et. al ). We do not have a specific curricular goal for this as the curriculum itself is providing opportunity to develop these skills (concentration; energy; creativity; persistence; satisfaction; flexibility; self-confidence and self-esteem; assertiveness; enjoyment; vitality

Our goals link to “Development Matters”  and “Birth to 5 matters”. We have provided reflection points which are points where we, as Early Years Professionals reflect and make assessments.