Photo Gallery


Here is a selection of the wonderful artwork from some of the children (and parents!).  We asked the children to take a stone home to decorate, we will use them as borders in the new garden area.  


The nursery walkway garden is taking shape, some of the staff worked extremely hard at the weekend to make this happen.  The children love the fairy door and the planters have lots of spring flowers.




 Some of the lovely comments we have received from our pre-school parents


"I'm very happy for my daughter because she have very good progress and she start to talk a lot and she has friend. Thank you for all your support."

" Very happy with his development, especially with his speech"

"My son now talks so much and he sings a lot and he comes home saying new words everyday. I love all the confidence that school  has given him. He loves coming to school and he remembers everything he has done each day"

" Thank you for your support. I can see a big improvement in his development"

" Very happy with my daughters progress. Key person has been very supportive. Very happy"

" My sons Key Person has shown great care and concern for his development. She also understands us as parents and provides us with great advice on how to help his communication. She has a special empathy for us as a family and we greatly appreciate this."


On our Inset day at the beginning of term we looked at our Vision and after much thought by everyone we decided 0n a new Vision for the Nursery and Pre-School. 

All staff attended and were joined by the Governors.