Daisy Chain is our out of school club

This runs each term-time morning for breakfast from 8.00am for Greenfield and Hurst Drive Primary school children.

Lunch club is from 11.50am until 1pm.  Children attending lunch need to bring a packed lunch with them, and they enjoy the communal meal together. (When preparing your Child's lunch box, please remember we are a healthy eating establishment - see the poster below for ideas of what should/shouldn't be in their lunch box).

Wrap-around is from 1.00pm until 4.00pm -  children enjoy playing together indoors and out, including using the climbing area.

After-school club runs until 4pm for Nursery and pre-school children only

There is a charge for all Daisy Chain sessions.

Daisy Chain Fees are payable in advance

Breakfast Club - £5.00 per session  (includes cereal & toast)

Lunch Club - £5.00 per session (please provide a packed lunch)

Wrap-Around Club - £5.00 per hour (maximum 3 hours)

After School Club up to 4.00pm - £5.00 per session

30 hour children can extend their time from 2.50pm until 3.30 pm - £5.00 per session or

until 4pm - £8.00 per session


Late collection from sessions

From Lunch Club in the first instance if within 10 minutes there will be a £1.00 charge.  Further instances or later than 10 minutes will incur the charge of the next session.

If your child is collected after 4pm there will be a charge of £5.00 per 5 minutes.  If your child is collected after 4pm persistently you may lose your child's place in Daisy Chain.


Does your child have a healthy diet and lunch box?

Please check the Change4Life website for lots of helpful information and advice. 

Also please see below for ideas for your child's lunch box