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Head's Welcome
A warm welcome to our website. I hope it may answer some of the questions you may have about our school.
Greenfield Nursery School offers a safe, caring, secure and nurturing environment where children and families grow and learn together.
We continually strive to ensure a stimulating environment encouraging active learning, positive relationships with adults and children, promoting independence for lifelong learning.
If you would like more information or would like to visit us please contact the office.

Deborah Harrison



If your child was born between 01.09.14 - 31.08.15 please apply for Nursery now. 

Closing date for applications is Friday 29th March 2018

You will be advised on Friday 20th April if your child has been offered a place.

The form can be downloaded here and either returned in person

or by email to admin@greenfield.herts.sch.uk

Alternatively you can ask at the office for a paper copy

or call us on 01992-760779 

Thank you

In Nursery the children have been reading

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury

At Greenfield nursery school we value and respect the range of families within our community, fostering strong relationships that support children’s learning and development. Each child is unique and encouraged to reach their potential through a challenging and stimulating environment.





Latest Calendar Events

Book Fair19Mar2018

12:00 am - 23 mar, 1:00 am @ In the corridor

Please come and have a look at the wonderful books we have for sale - They make lovely Easter presents.

Bookstart Treasure Packs19Mar2018

@ Nursery

The Bookstart Treasure packs will be given to the children during this week

Nursery Parent Consultations19Mar2018

@ Nursery

Please speak to your child's key person to arrange a time

Healthy Eating21Mar2018

@ Nursery

Tesco will be visiting talking to the children about healthy eating and bringing foods for them to try.

Book Fair26Mar2018

@ In the Corridor

Please come and have a look at the wonderful books we have for sale - They make lovely Easter presents.

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Dear Parents/Carers,

We have recently received a lot of feedback about children playing outside in the cold and children getting wet in water play, therefore the child has developed a cold.

Here are just some of the benefits of playing outside: you experience different weather, promotes physical development, healthy lifestyles and a sense of well-being

The benefits of water play are huge, it promotes mathematical development, fine motor skills, and social skills and is often a calming experience for children.  

Please see below some interesting facts from a well written GP.

Coughs, colds and kids - some facts & fictions!

Children are back at school and nursery - and with it comes the usual flurry of coughs, colds and fevers. Of course it's essential to look out for warning signs, including dehydration and serious illness, including meningitis. But most kids will bounce back within days, and there's little you can do to speed up their recovery. But there are still lots of myths about how best to help your child, including:

"Antibiotics speed up recovery." In fact, most coughs, colds and fevers are caused by virus infections, and antibiotics don't have any effect on these at all. If your doctor says your child doesn't need antibiotics, it's for a very good reason.

  • "Coughs and colds are caused by going outside in the cold or getting wet." NO! In fact, children are probably more likely to catch these viral infections by sitting indoors getting sneezed on by the child next to them! In children with asthma, wheezing can sometimes be triggered by sudden changes in temperature, but otherwise being outside in the fresh air, or going out with wet hair, won't do any harm at all.
  • "If my toddler has a cough, they need cough mixture." In fact, although lozenges may soothe sore throats, there's no evidence most cough and cold remedies work in younger children. In fact, because they can cause side effects, including effects on sleep, over-the-counter cough and cold remedies should no longer be given to any child under six years old.
  • "Paracetamol is best for reducing fever." In fact, paracetamol and ibuprofen are both equally effective for reducing fever and both start to work within about 15 minutes. Ibuprofen works for longer (for up to eight hours) than paracetamol (four to six hours), so may be a better choice, especially at night to provide all-night fever relief. Both can be given to children for pain and fever from the age of three months. To find about recommended dosage levels, always check and refer to the information provided when you buy these medicines. Your pharmacist can also offer expert advice.